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beach comber rory friers

Interview: Rory Friers

Rory Friers is laughing. We are in week 6 of a national lockdown and like all of us, he’s at home, self-isolating. The long serving, guitar slinging talisman of the North Coast’s most successful band is working from home and…

May 7, 2020

Gas Hands | Y-Control Photography | All Rights Reserved |

Video premiere: Gas Hands – I’m Not In Love (With You)

Heavy hitting trio Gas Hands released their latest single ‘I’m Not In Love (With You)‘ back in March, before everything changed. Now with a much different landscape for the music world, we’re bringing you the premiere of the track’s new…

May 7, 2020

false friends

False Friends – A Great Day For The Parish

The opening bars of ‘God on a Hill’, first track from False Friend’s EP ‘A Great Day for the Parish’, let rip, delivering an infectious blend of indie, synthesizer, pop filled guitar tunes and that, all in, is a perfect…

May 7, 2020