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Benji Connell

diamir band photo

Premiere: Diamir – Atrophy

Diamir have returned to reclaim their shiny metallic throne at the precipice of the local music scene, proving rock and metal is alive and well in our lands of myth and legend. Music is the sound of legend, of human…

July 31, 2020

Travis is a Tourist / Travi the Native

Stream: Travi the Native – Still Hurting

Puzzlement, unreliability, melodrama; wrapped up in an increasingly common cardinal sin – the blissful ignorance of taking a loved one for granted – are just a few of the emotions seemingly packed away into new single, ‘Still Hurting’ by Belfast man, Travi The…

July 14, 2020

joshua burnside photo Conor Kerr Photography

Watch: Joshua Burnside – The Only Thing I Fear

When I was a child, I never really understood how anybody could ever feel sad. I thought to myself, “When you feel sad, why don’t you just decide to feel happy, instead?” Then the teenage years came along and things…

June 30, 2020

Hand Models - LarksSparks Photography

Stream: Hand Models – Probably All The Same

Hand Models are a great band. They’re inviting and accessible, despite spearheading a distinctly Northern Irish ability to write abrasive, weirdly charming and catchy pop hits drenched in dissonance and sarcasm. Best of all, they never take themselves too seriously. Without…

June 9, 2020

Baleful Creed

Baleful Creed – The Lowdown

Baleful Creed play a brand of southern metal reminscient of Down without the Anselmo scream served with a touch of early Soundgarden and a heaped pinch of Iron Maiden. To an outsider, you might be surprised to learn that they…

May 25, 2020

diamir band photo

Watch: Diamir – Behind the Facade

Diamir, one of the world’s tallest mountains, 26,660 feet high, situated in the western Himalayas. Diamir, being the local name for said mountain and it’s peak, translating to “king of the mountains.” Diamir; one of Northern Ireland’s hidden wonders of the music…

May 18, 2020

junk drawer

Junk Drawer – Ready For The House

Opening slowly with a drawn out droll, ‘What I’ve Learned/ What I’m Learning’, makes it clear that Junk Drawer are setting up an unsettling, menacing ride – with the first guitar churn sounding eerily similar to that weird noise that…

May 4, 2020

buffalo bay

Stream: Buffalo Bay – Brand New Start

There’s something truly weird going on – with so many great bands, somehow tapping perfectly into the minds of the musical gods, by composing little pieces of magic to help accompany our collective demise, as this virus rages on. Buffalo…

April 17, 2020

New Pagans

Watch: New Pagans – Admire

Listening to New Pagans latest, now from the confines of quarantine, is like stumbling across a mini soundtrack to a life destined always for eternal isolation. New Pagans have consistently had a knack for narrating the mundanity of everyday life;…

March 30, 2020

gnarkats band photo

Watch: Gnarkats – Dreamers

Churning guitars and distorted bass ring out across a stomping riff, cutting through the ears and making it known, this is Gnarkats – a trio of unapologetically buoyant indie pop wizards honing in on their inventive craft. It’s a defiant…

March 30, 2020

Stream: Sister Ghost – Bruised Fruit

Sister Ghost are back in action with the brooding and grunge infused new single, ‘Bruised Fruit‘. Don’t worry though, this fruit is packed full of the sweet stuff. Hard hitting from the off, this a straight up, noisy rocker; reeking…

March 29, 2020

zeal band photo 2

Stream: Vivamagnolia – Tugboat The Great

With Vivamagnolia’s latest, singer/ songwriter Patrick J. Hodgen has cemented himself ever further into the one to watch category for 2020. From the opening dissonance of the heavily reverberated opening chords to the slightly off-kilter beat, the track quickly solidifies…

March 11, 2020

Tim Wheeler Ash

Watch: Ash – The Darkest Hour of the Night

With a name like ‘Darkest Hour Of The Night‘, you wouldn’t be wrong in anticipating a return to Ash’s heavier material; something more akin to Meltdown’s ballsier moments topped off with a dose of Ash at their most epic and…

February 22, 2020

Gucci Smiles - Paper Tigers

Stream: Paper Tigers – Gucci Smiles

Blasting out of Belfast like a bottle rocket, alt-rockers Paper Tigers, come smashing out of their cage with straight-up banger ‘Gucci Smiles‘. From the opening bounce and swagger of main man Michael Smyth’s guitar, the Tigers slowly dispense their brand…

February 7, 2020