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Christopher Owens

Radio presenter, writer, promoter, record store hanger on/employee. Wants to know why punk rock didn't take over the world.

Comply Or Die – Comply or Die

With the news that Belfast punk/metal stalwarts Comply or Die are issuing their first demo for public consumption, it’s an apt moment to revisit their debut LP. Released in 2009, it has been somewhat overshadowed by their subsequent releases and the…

October 4, 2013

Nomadic Rituals – Holy Giants

Sludge is such a beautiful word. Of course, it has many connotations. Some think of wading through mud during a particularly vapid festival and consider themselves a tough character because of it. Others think of changing oil in their cars. Different…

September 18, 2013

Disconnect – Disengage to None

In many ways, industrial music is psychedelic. Think about it, the whole objective of psychedelia is to blow your mind, to overload the senses. And industrial music does exactly that. Throbbing Gristle boasted of making music from ugliness. And, as time…

August 2, 2013

Aggressors B.C – The Tone Of The Times

Further proof of how there’s much, much more to NI punk than Good Vibrations. On the go since 2009, Aggressors B.C consist of members from Runnin’Riot, Pocket Billiards and Boss Sound Manifesto. They’ve gigged relentlessly around the city for years (this…

July 31, 2013

Bombin’, Beats and B-Boys – Documentary

Bombin’, Beats and B-Boys Friday 21th June 2013 – Queens Film Theatre Put together by local filmmaker Chris Eva, ‘Bombin’…’ is described as an attempt to document Northern Ireland’s “…growing underground hip-hop scene, where sectarian baggage is left behind and…

July 18, 2013

Killing Joke – The Singles Collection 1979 – 2012

  Initially maligned by an uneducated music press, Killing Joke have produced a body of work which stand as the greatest pieces of music recorded by anyone. Based around the casually apocalyptic sound of Geordie Walker’s guitar, Jaz Coleman’s vocals…

June 13, 2013

Crime & The City Solution – American Twilight

Comparisons can be lazy, often inaccurate but with a hint of the truth in there. Taking a path similar to Nick Cave (Australian moves to London and then Berlin, signs to Mute, takes member of Einsturzende Neubauten as guitarist, has…

April 30, 2013

KMFDM – 18th April 2013

KMFDM Thursday 18th April 2013 – Classic Grand, Glasgow Back to Glasgow for some of the “ultra heavy beat” that KMFDM have been refining for nearly 30 years. The Classic Grand, located on Jamaica St, is a beautiful venue. Imagine…

April 30, 2013

The Outcasts – 5th April 2013

The Outcasts with support from The Lee Harveys and Mohican Jack Friday 5th April 2013 – Auntie Annies, Belfast This reviewer has spent more time in Auntie Annies than is necessary. But gigs like this make it worthwhile. This is…

April 15, 2013

Vanilla Gloom – Lemons and Wine

Vanilla Gloom – Lemons and Wine

On the go since November last year, Vanilla Gloom describe themselves as a “post punk/grunge influenced three piece” and this is their first single. A mixture of the Breeders pop sensibilities with some Sonic Youth-esque chord progressions but without the…

April 5, 2013

The Defects – Politicophobia

With the release of the Good Vibrations biopic, it’s easy to surmise that Belfast punk began and ended with Terri Hooley’s label. Bollocks. If anything, it became even harder and more serious as time went on. And The Defects personify…

April 4, 2013

Dr Feelgood – 23rd March 2013

Dr. Feelgood Saturday 23rd March – The Black Box, Belfast      Snow. Whenever you’re a kid, it symbolises magic. You become a teenager, it symbolises loss of innocence. You grow up, and it symbolises a broken neck. It’s also a…

March 27, 2013

Various – A Split Worse Than Death

  The good old fashioned split. A way to save money on pressings and promote a scene. Great for bands. Not so great for the punters. This is because for every great group you discover, there’s always some bunch of…

March 26, 2013

Pissed Jeans – Honeys

[like] It’s funny how so called “alternative” bands are actually quite conservative, musically speaking. For a genre that prides itself on constantly evolving and soaking up various influences, all too often we get the same record over and over. While…

March 21, 2013

The Stranglers – 2nd March 2013

The Stranglers with support from The Godfathers Saturday 2nd March – o2 Academy, Glasgow Glasgow is not what it used to be. Once feared and reviled by touring bands for the “impress me or you’re getting bottled” attitudes, it seems…

March 18, 2013