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Many A Son – The White

Following on from their debut EP ‘The Blue’ in 2018, Many A Son‘s latest EP offering of ‘The White‘ has recently been released, further showcasing the distinctive talents of this acoustic duo. The EP itself was recently launched at Arcadia…

April 8, 2019

andrew patterson music

Andrew Patterson – Out Of Babylon

Andrew Patterson‘s latest EP, Out of Babylon, opens with ‘Broadway Lights’, a track that oozes acoustic bliss. Every delicate chord change being felt beneath Patterson’s soft vocal. There is also some superb harmonies that creep in adding to the gentle…

March 7, 2019

Conor Mason Photo

Conor Mason – On The Surface

Conor Mason’s On the Surface has been my commuter companion for the past few days, and in a blatant selfish way I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve definitely prolonged this review for just another listen through in my own…

February 10, 2019