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Newish member of CB staff. I am a 'veteren' of over 20 years singing/writing with various bands. A Rocker at heart (pick any sub-genre of Rock and I'll like it) I have found my tastes broadening as I get older. My aim as regards writing for CB is not to further my own ends, more a case of doing my bit to give our terrific local music scene the coverage it deserves, and perhaps give the benefit of my years of experience.

The Rising – ‘Still Coming Home To You’

  Belfast trio, The Rising may have taken their name from a song by their influence Bruce Springsteen, but it could also be inspired by the head of steam the band has achieved since its formation. With a record deal…

June 30, 2014

Seneron – ‘Don’t Cave In’

Derry trio Seneron has been together since 2011. The three lads have always shown that they know how to put together slabs of riff-invested power rock, very much in the mold of the first two Foo Fighters albums. I would continue…

June 28, 2014

The Dead Heavys – ‘Uptight’

  Waterford 5 piece, The Dead Heavys has come a long way in the short time. Only formed in late 2011, the band quickly attracted the attention of some major players in the business, namely Jagz Kooner (producer of Primal…

June 17, 2014

Kaz Hawkins – ‘Can’t Afford Me’

  Kaz Hawkins may be better know to you as Mama Kaz from the Mama Kaz Band, a regular and very popular fixture on the local pubs and clubs circuit for many years. She has also proven herself in the…

June 11, 2014

Screaming Eagles – 31st May 2014

Screaming Eagles with support from Triggerman Saturday, 31st May, 2014 – Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill There’s never a bad gig at the Diamond Rock Club. There may be the odd one where, for one reason or another, the crowd isn’t…

June 8, 2014

Hit The B Button – ‘Martial’

  This Belfast based trio Hit The B Button (with origins in Canada) have been on the go since late 2012 and it could be to your shame if you were not aware of them until now because, ‘Martial’ is a wee lo-fi…

June 3, 2014

Two Glass Eyes – ‘Mend’

    Now into its third year and with one album, copious radio airplay, a slot at Tennants Vital (among other high profile shows) and a tour of Scotland already on the ‘done that’ list, it is clear Two Glass…

May 27, 2014

Tonight We Live – ‘We Call This Home’

   Kildare 4 piece, Tonight We Live, was formed in 2011 and has not let the grass grow under its feet with constant gigging including some local festival slots. Most notably, winning the Slam Dunk 2013 competition to earn a…

May 21, 2014

Silent Noise Parade – ‘Fears’

  Limerick 5 piece, Silent Noise Parade return with the follow-up single to ‘Still the Gardens Grow’, a single I reviewed in glowing terms last year. Silent Noise Parade is a band that has an air of self-confidence and, given…

May 13, 2014

Ajenda – Otherside

  [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]  With the two preceding singles from their excellent ‘Unrecognisable’ album, ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Hatred & Greed’, the guys and gal that make up Ajenda, showed that they are a bonafide hard rock band….

April 30, 2014

Amazing Apples – ‘Slipping By’

    Amazing is certainly the word for the rise to fame for this Co. Galway Folk/Rock band. ‘Slipping By’ was released on iTunes on March 14th and promptly went straight to No 1 in the download charts and then…

April 16, 2014

Senakah – ‘Sinking’

  Formed in 2006, Limerick’s Senakah are by no means a new name in Irish music. To date, their career has taken them from Limerick to America and back to their homeland again, with all the bumps ‘n bruises to…

April 7, 2014

The Vincent(s) – ‘Throne Song’ / ‘Fever Dreams’

Wow! Where to begin to describe a) The Vincent(s) and b) ‘Throne Song’? The words ‘dark’, ‘deep’, ‘morose’, ‘depressing’ even, all come quickly to mind but sometimes I think you need to see the whole picture. If you just listen…

April 6, 2014

Ka Tet – ‘Baby on The Brink’

  Galway 3 piece, Ka Tet, have had a very good year indeed. They signed to Ruby Records and subsequently released the ‘Arcadia’ album which they then toured round Ireland to promote. Busy boys indeed. ‘Baby On The Brink’ is the…

March 31, 2014

Able Archer – ‘GhostMaker’

    Dublin 5-piece, Able Archer, have been in and around the Dublin scene for a while now. They describe themselves as a ‘proper Rock band’ and it’s hard to improve upon that. They are very much a modern rock band…

March 27, 2014