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Best of Irish – August

by / September 3, 2020

Every month we’ll be rounding up some of the best new tracks from north and south in our best of Irish feature. With so much incredible new Irish music every month, there’s a lot to keep up with. Here are some of this month’s best, with words by Aaron Cunningham and Ben Magee.

Pillow Queens – Holy Show

Ireland’s indie heroes in waiting build the latest bridge to their debut album with new single ‘Holy Show’. The second single from Holy Show, out 25th September, is a slow burning look at insecurities and second thoughts. AC

Kojaque – Schmelly

A return from Ireland’s undisputed king of rap and it is a welcome one. Addictive, magnetic and fiercely original, Kojaque is one the offensive, with his jazz-infused trap rap. Think Loyle Carner Meets Robocobra Quartet. Unmissable music from one of Ireland’s most unique voices. BM

Æ Mak feat Seba Safe – i dance in the kitchen

Born out of a How To zine, the gloriously catchy ‘i dance in the kitchen’ is our first Æ Mak tune of 2020, from upcoming EP how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world. Yep. Pure, danceable art pop. AC

Cbakl feat Kibo – Onlyfanz

Throwback inspired tune with a lo-fi spin on the beats. Kibo is electrifying on his delivery and his personality mirrors. Soul and funk-inspired rap wrapped in a vibrant, colourful package. BM

Kynsy – Cold Blue Light

‘Cold Blue Light’ is the debut single from Kynsy, the solo project of Dublin’s Ciara Lindsey. A bold, twisting blend of synths, beats and guitars in a pop package, spawned from a NYE encounter. AC

SOAK feat Gemma Doherty – I’m Alive

Taking a step back from her normal vocal style, this spoken-word track is arresting in its minimalism. Bright and cold with a poetic intensity that is ratcheted up with each keystroke, this one-off is a gem. BM

Denise Chaila – Holy Grail

It’s hard to have gone anywhere in Irish music this year without hearing the name Chaila (I am extremely proud of that wordplay). But while her previous was buoyed with a knowing-grin and confident urgency, Chaila’s is all bombastic energy and statement-of-intent. More of this please. BM

Amy Montgomery – Intangible

Amy Montgomery’s usual powerhouse performance is given an alt rock flair, alongside cohort and collaborator Michael Mormecha. A new sound for Montgomery that’s brought one of her best tracks yet. AC

Odd Morris – Your Four Walls

Clandestine, atmospheric post-punk from the Dublin quartet that taps into the guitarist zeitgeist. Vocals could be equally at home on a Drone beat or Radiohead track. Despite the title, has a surprising sense of space, all of which is used to its fullest effect. BM

Sorbet feat Arborist – Living / Dying

The first single from this month’s Sorbet release sees Arborist’s Mark McCambridge narrate the first of a trilogy on life and death. Sorbet is Chris Ryan (Robocobra Quartet) and ‘Living / Dying’ is engaging and contemplative, as Ryan wheels his not inconsiderable production talents toward new ground. AC

Kean Kavanagh – Roll Over

Blend of lo-fi guitar and production with sunshine vocals and melodies. A full track with plenty going on, its Kavanagh’s unique delivery and vocals that cuts through the arid production and off-kilter acoustics. One of his best yet. BM

Tolu Makay – Don’t Let Go

A stripped backtrack that showcases her amazing vocals, the latest from Makay continues her run as one of Ireland’s most underappreciated and talented singers. A supple and vivid track with an effortless flow and vibey melodies that slowly builds into an ecstatic burst of colour and energy. BM

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