Influences Mixtape: Beauty Sleep

by / March 25, 2018

One of the shining lights in Northern Irish music in recent years, Beauty Sleep have put out a consistently fabulous collection of singles since their inception. Released last month, ‘The Feeling Back’ came ready to reminisce with its dual vocals and music to get lost in. Layered production and an undeniably dream pop are the band’s trademarks which have won them fans both locally and through streaming success.

With much talk of a debut album dropping this year, we asked the three-piece to pick apart some of their favourite tunes.



Blood Orange – Best to You

Opened up my eyes to how you can create a music world somewhere in between of pop – indie – electronic and I found that little pocket of noise really exciting. This song got under my skin, I listen to it all the time!

Daywave – Total Zombies

I love Daywave, I love zombies. I heard this song in the background – I think Ryan was watching KEXP and I was doing some work on my computer behind him. When this song came on I literally just had to stop what I was doing and be like, “What is that? This is so awesome!”. I played it every day for months after that, it’s so good.

Childish Gambino – Terrified

That synth bass riff ♡. Also the vocals are incredible in this, all high and dreamy and low and groovy.


St. Vincent – Regret

She’s so rockin’. I have such a massive St. Vincent crush. 

Hop Along – The Knock 

What an unbelievable voice. I stumbled upon these guys last year. Very addictive tunes.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?… 

Really beautiful song. In fact, the whole album is pretty amazing.


Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You 

One of my favourite artists from the last few years, gorgeous deep pop music.

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place 

The classic. My favourite song of all time. I’ll never tire of it. The lyrics, arrangement and production are all perfect to me. I was going to add Dig For Fire by the Pixies to this list and I just read that even Black Francis considers his song to be, “a bad Talking Heads imitation”. I can empathise with that feeling.

Efterklang – Sedna 

A few years ago I attended a show in the Elmwood Hall to review a band I had never heard of for The Gown (QUB newspaper). It turned out to be Efterklang and it was mesmerising and life affirming. I ended the night onstage with the band and a bunch of other happy, drunk audience members. Their albums sound incredible – check out Piramida or new project Liima.

Beauty Sleep Bonus Pick

Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing

Currents had just been released when we were talking about forming a band. This is the record we bonded over during our early gin hazed nights hanging out. This song in particular is so hypnotic and honest and the lyrics are just perfection!

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