Northern Irish Songs of the Year 2017

Northern Irish Songs Of The Year 2017: Part 1 (50 – 26)

by / January 1, 2018

End of year lists can prove to be divisive for a variety of reasons but we feel it is important to highlight and champion the best music released over the course of 2017. It has been another busy and productive year for musicians and bands across Northern Ireland. Regardless of your preferred genre, there were plenty of interesting releases worthy of your attention. After much consideration and deliberation, we can unveil our favourite tracks released throughout 2017.

No 50 ►Blackwater Conspiracy – Waitin’ On Hollywood

No 49 ►Saffyre – Survive

No 48 ►Paths – Last One Standing

No 47 ►Best Boy Grip – Molecular Individuals

No 46 ►Owen Denvir – Jackhammer

No 45 ►Lost Avenue – Audrey

No 44 ►R51 – Heavy Friends

No 43 ►Sister Ghost – The Final Grrrl

No 42 ►Conor Mason – Falls To Ground

No 41 ►Jealous Of The Birds – Mrs Dalloway

No 40 ►Travis Is A Tourist – What’s On Your Mind

No 39 ►Ryan McMullan – Oh Susannah

No 38 ►Swimming Tapes – Cameos

No 37 ►Runabay – Too Soon (Reverie)

No 36 ►Susie Blue – Be A Lady

No 35 ►Aislinn Logan – So Loud

No 34 ►Callum Stewart – The Dam

No 33 ►Rews – Your Tears

No 32 ►BROR – Something New

No 31 ►Alana Henderson – Let This Remain

No 30 ►Hunkpapa – Rodeos

No 29 ►MMODE – Waiting In The Desert

No 28 ►Hand Models – Skate Shoes

No 27 ►Brash Isaac – Lost

No 26 ►The Tragedy Of Dr Hannigan – Hey Little Worried One

Now that you have read the first part, head on over to part two featuring our top twentry five Northern Irish tracks of 2017.


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