Watch: Susie Blue – Daughter

by / June 19, 2020

Having taken time out to mourn the loss of her mother, Northern Ireland’s Queen of Queer, Indie and Pop Susie Blue is back with a powerful new single ‘Daughter’ taken from her forthcoming EP Boys, Boys, Boys.

This new track reflects on the advice her mother Sally gave her when she came out, with many of the lyrics being actual quotes from her, such as “who gives a fuck if you’re gay, you should be proud…”, “people will be mean, but it [don’t] mean a thing” and “don’t do what they say, you can take them any day, I’ll be on the ground right behind you”.

The music video that accompanies the video is a documentary-style edit focusing on the LGBTQ+ community and the Marriage Equality in NI, showcasing a Ball amongst other scenes in Derry and Belfast challenging the status quo of the political establishment. If you’re a fan of Susie Blue’s music, you’ll recognise some familiar faces in this video.

Production on the new release has been managed by Susie and Jonny Woods, which has been given a new undertone of synthesisers plus multiple layers of harmony, not the usual band orientated writing style that we’ve been used to in the past.

Susie Blue’s has been a champion of LGBTQ+ rights, and her mother was always supportive of her, this new track it’s almost a tribute to Sally by her daughter and also a message for others going through something similar.

“I thought that because my mum was so supportive that it was important for other queer kids to hear those words from a mother’s mouth when maybe their mothers aren’t as supportive”

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