Stream: Don Maple – Magnets

by / January 25, 2019

Canadian/Belfastian psychedelic sorcerer Don Maple returns with ‘Magnets’, the most recent in his growing repertoire of charming jams.

Opening with an apache gunship inspired drum track, Maple is soon on more familiar ground with a lo-fi, indie acoustic riff. Maple’s aesthetic, a supple, spacey air rock, is a welcome and enjoyable addition to any playlist, a trend that is continued with Magnets. Distorted vocals give a distinct Gorillaz vibe while ‘Magnets’ unforeseen chunky funk, mostly provided by infrequent drum tracks, adds a needed bite and variation that ensures an omnipresent freshness (especially when Maple unexpectedly starts spitting bars on the final stanza).

Notably darker however than previous releases, ‘Magnets’ loses any instances of irony or sarcasm, instead investing heavily on gallows humour and instances of nihilism. A stark progression that indicates a willingness to grow, the new direction taken is a welcome incorporation. With a plot twist ending that throws both fans and newcomers for a loop with its fats descending chaos, ‘Magnets’ is not to be missed.

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