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Stream: Owen Denvir – Bad For You

by / March 11, 2019

Belfast singer songwriter Owen Denvir is back with another incredible single, ‘Bad for You’. Like many other of Denvir’s songs, this track is a breath-taking acoustic journey showcasing his raw talent.

‘Bad For You’ is a beautiful tale of loving someone but not quite being able to tell them how you’re feeling.  Whilst a subject which can lend itself to many ballads, Denvir’s take on it is somewhat refreshing.  Starting off with a beautiful piano ballad and distinctive vocals, the song automatically draws you in, telling you a story that you want to hear until the end. As the song progresses the rising piano crescendo takes the song in a new direction and gives a more uplifting feel to the song.

Bad for you is an absolutely fantastic song that showcases just why Owen Denvir is becoming a headline act on the local music scene. His ability to weave stories with soothing vocals captures the listener straight away. There is something very comforting and familiar about Denvir’s style, however he manages to take his own spin on this genre that allows him to stand out from so many others. Another fantastic release.

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