Alice LA - Kiss To These Riffs - 3/12/19

Premiere: Alice LA – Kiss To These Riffs

by / December 3, 2019

The independent musician boom in the North continues to bear fruit for the local scene, with artists breaking from the typical alt/indie rock mould in pursuit of new, fearless musical directions.

One such artist is songstress Alice LA, whose brand of colourful electro-pop and neo-soul vocals have long made her stand out amongst her peers. For an example of her ceiling bursting sound, look no further than the video release of her latest track ‘Kiss To These Riffs’ which you can view below.

An onslaught of trippy visuals, playful choreography, colourful explosions and DIY designs, the video encapsulates the vital spirit of LA’s newest single. The first from her upcoming 2020 EP, LA’s brand of pop-fuelled good time mania in a region that is, more often than not, hostile to such endeavours, is nothing short of brave. And it pays off.

The feel of both track and video is simultaneously DIY and contemporary, full of real and electronic life. Led by La’s always impressive vocals, the mix of club beats, iridescent synths and radio-friendly harmonies is a winter-time chill beater with an addictive pace. LA continues to be a loud, energetic vocal presence in the growing pop scene in Northern Ireland with ‘Kiss…’, whose commitment to bombast is only matched by its same unwavering approach to colour and energy.

“I wrote kiss to these riffs because I was experiencing these feelings I suppose as to why we write songs, they are almost like musical diary’s. The song is about me. At a very young age I ended up getting engaged to someone I had no interest in or didn’t love and I played along because I didn’t think anyone else would want to love or want me which is kinda sad…but then this DJ from London came into my path and it was very confusing for me that I fell in love with him but I then realised the whole situation thanks to him and finally got the courage to make decisions that depended on my happiness.

I love this song because it’s sad lyrically but the vibe is so disco!! I really just want people to dance to my songs and sorta forget that it’s actually a really sad song, I’d honestly love this track if I was a DJ!”

Alice LA

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