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Premiere: Bairie – Not Love

by / April 3, 2020

Smooth songwriter Bairie hails from Derry, and is one of the city’s under the radar talents, deserving of a bigger audience. With only a handful of single releases in the past couple of years, a new one has landed at just the right time. This is ‘Not Love‘.

Bairie, otherwise known as Emily McCormick has encased a world of genres across previous releases, from jazz to folk, but ‘Not Love’ takes a more soulful look. The same soft guitar and rhythms flow lazily under Bairie’s voice, which sounds both sweet and sensuous. A gorgeous look at the games of a new relationship from the denial of the track’s title to letting yourself fall into the attraction and late night longing. At a perfect three minutes, ‘Not Love’ sounds equally at home on a warm spring evening or a late night jazz bar.

“It’s about uncertainty with someone, denial, self-preservation and confusion in a new relationship, before you really know where you stand with the other person, something that’s become a somewhat of issue navigating the 21st century world of love and romance.”

The track, beautifully recorded with producer Declan Legge, marks what should have been an incredible year for Bairie who was named one of Moving On Music’s Emerging Artists of 2020 and has already performed in Derry’s The Glassworks. Sadly another artist with plans affected by Covid-19, we for one are very glad that ‘Not Love’ has nonetheless seen the light of day. A beautiful release with a heart of soul.

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