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Premiere: Diamir – Atrophy

by / July 31, 2020

Diamir have returned to reclaim their shiny metallic throne at the precipice of the local music scene, proving rock and metal is alive and well in our lands of myth and legend. Music is the sound of legend, of human bodies and minds moving in creative, story-making ways to evoke emotion and travel ever further into the realms of the mystic. Diamir are music and then some.

With new single ‘Atrophy‘, Diamir have again tamed the musical gifts bestowed upon them and moved not only mind, body and soul – but the very mountains of their namesake. 

Following up their debut single, ‘Behind The Facade’, was never going to be easy. With the sheer ferocity of its idiosyncratic soul, any collective would be hard pushed to resonate in the same way once again. A two hit streak, in this genre? These days… rare. However, with Atrophy, the band have cleverly cranked a U-Turn, and embarked on something entirely different, showcasing here a confidence that demands our attention and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are anything but a one trick pony. For a band that embody the musicality of mystic realms, does it really come as any surprise that they should have a whole fleet of cosmically enhanced sonic ponies, waiting at their disposal? 

It is of particular welcome to this listener, that on this occasion we are guided through a darkly bleak musical journey worthy of the captivating atmospheres that Diamir clearly are so spectacular at conjuring. Diamir manage throughout to take a feeling of apathy, coupled with a sense of unhinging dread and reflect it in the brilliance of their melancholy melodies and stampeding grooves. 

Another classic in the making, laying the groundwork for more mastery to come, ‘Atrophy’ feels at once, sometimes calming and haunting, whilst other times – monstrous and huge. Listen on repeat, at both your peril and reward.

“People might find Atrophy a bit of a 180 from the style of our debut single, but that’s intentional. As a band we embrace the idea of being able to offer something stylistically different from song to song. I guess that, lyrically, it comes from a pretty introspective place that I inhabited in my early 20s, albeit in quite an abstract kind of way.”
John, Diamir

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