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Premiere: Kelan Galligan Featuring Reevah – Far Away The Castle

by / January 31, 2019

Having impressed with debut singles of ‘Brightens Me’ and ‘Snowball’, Derry songwriter Kelan Galligan starts off 2019 with his latest release ‘Far Away The Castle‘.

Reminiscent of early offerings from Joshua Radin, ‘Far Away The Castle’ sees Galligan teaming up with fellow Derry native Reevah. Her soft and sweet vocals have a calming influence over the track and his typically wistful folk is enhanced by her vocal offering.

“I’m a Primary School teacher (aspiring singer songwriter) from Derry. I’m currently recording my debut album and it is well underway! it is being recorded and produced by Eoin O’Callaghan (Best Boy Grip, Elma Orkestra, Wake America) and will hopefully be finished towards the latter part of the year! Six songs finished! I have been writing since my teens but only decided to follow my dream, or attempt it anyway, at the tender age of 36! I contacted Reevah out of the blur for this track as I had heard her voice and thought it and her style of music were amazing! She loved the track and agreed straight away to sing on it for me!”

Kelan Galligan

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