Modern Rome

Premiere: Modern Rome – At My Worst

by / May 14, 2020

Alt-rock quartet Modern Rome return from an extended hiatus with their newest track, the orchestral ‘At My Worst‘ – a soaring number that exceeds the sum of its parts.

Calling back to the college rock sound’s of the 90’s, Modern Rome succeed in melding alt-rock melodies and rhythms with funk and indie influences, leading a unique sound that spans genres. With the talents of Matty Evans on keys, the track gets an added boost of funk that keeps things varied and fresh.

Despite its uplifting melodies, the lyrical and thematic content of Modern Rome’s latest are ones of cynicism, anxiety and frustration. In a world that rewards a lack of empathy, Modern Rome attack the attitudes that demand fakery and charade with an authentic song that melds the past and present.

” ‘At My Worst’ is a reflection on our experiences navigating the business aspects of being in a band. You often hear the phrase, “You need a good story”, or see social media favouring and incentivising the most sensational narratives, and trying to mould personal struggles and experiences into a media-friendly package can sometimes feel inauthentic. This doesn’t just apply to artists, but to anyone who is trying to develop their brand, so we hope you enjoy the song and can maybe get something out of it.” 

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