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Premiere: Owen Lamont – ‘You’

by / May 28, 2020

Melding acoustic harmonies, soulful melodies and folk/bluegrass compositions, the sound Irish artist Owen Lamont is deeply rooted in singer-songwriter tradition. Having shared the stage with the likes of legendary alt rock group Focus, blues legend Henry Mccullough, and Devon Sproule as a member of The Delawares, Lamont brand of soul melded acoustic bluegrass has earned the respect of his peers and audiences alike.

On his latest track, which we are happy to premiere here on Chordblossom, Lamont channels his inner-soul brother on the brassy ballad ‘You‘. With warm vocals and keys dancing along with a singing brass accompaniment and blues-inspired instrumentation, You represents a flowering of Lamonts’ talents. With the size and force of a big-band but the delicacy of a swooning jazz bar crooner, ‘You’ sits comfortable amongst Lamont’s most impressive releases.

“This song means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and I like that. It’s a straight-up soul song with a lot of heart”

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