Premiere: WASPS – Here Comes Mothra

by / June 22, 2018

Ahead of their free gig in Foundry this Saturday, Belfast based two-piece WASPS gave a sneak peek of what to expect with their newest song ‘Here Comes Mothra’, premiering here on Chordblossom. The lead single from their second EP is a breathtaking three-minute assault on the senses, you almost forget you are listening from the safety of your headphones as the singles’ destructive tendencies transport you into the throngs of a mental mosh pit. The track is a sequel to their debut single ‘Godzilla is Dead’

The single opens with a fast paced, chunky riff inspired by the hardcore punk rock scene that was the bed rock of underground music in Belfast for so long. Before long however, the dams burst into what can only be described as the soundtrack of a rampaging apache war pack. Singer Danny McClelland roars into action, all raw vocals, boundless energy and sweat you can practically feel through your speakers. Rapid drums keep the breakneck pace as WASPS’ blitzkrieg through the track with ceaseless intensity. As the song reach its end (all too soon), a breakdown so pronounced in its malice that it could double as the opening music for ‘Swamp Thing’s’ WWE debut greets you at the door before it kicks you in the teeth. A fierce demonstration of their musical chops that predicts only great results in the future.

“The creation of Here Comes Mothra came almost immediately after we made Godzilla is Dead, we planned on doing a trilogy originally based around those famous goliath monsters, we ended up thinking to deep and tying it up with Battle for Tokyo which is the last track on this EP. The idea made writing these songs really fun for us!”

Danny McClelland, WASPS

The other tracks on the EP may lack in lyrics, but both ‘The Little Anthemic’ and ‘The Battle for Tokyo’ more than make up for it with energy. The former is an alt-punk fist pumper, with buoyant vocals and triumphant acoustics, a boneifed crowd jumper with a celtic twist, while the latter is speedy, instrumental riff fest that has a unmistakably seductive head banging element.

WASPS’ second EP and ‘Here Comes Mothra’ are released Saturday 23rd June on Zool Records. The band will be launching it with a free show in Foundry, Belfast hosted by Shizznigh Promotions, with Alpha Twin and Willoware Jackson in support. ‘Here Comes Mothra’ was recorded, mixed and produced by Caolan Austin at Smalltown America Studio. Mastered by Tom Peters of Alpha Male Tea Party.

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