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Stream: SACHA – Deperson

by / January 23, 2019

SACHA, the pseudonym and project for producer Adam Sacha Weston, is now the proud owner of one of Belfast’s most addictive singles. Lyrically pleasing, slickly produced and dripping in stoner rock malevolence, Deperson is a triumph for the local musician.

Opening with a dark, musty beat that invites, nay DEMANDS bodily movements, the number is enticing from the get go. Like something dragged from the annals of the Wild West, the steady swing and underlying obscenity is an addictive counterpart to its 70’s style outlaw groove. An evident alternative edge is present, while the lyrical wordplay is a sustained pleasure throughout. There’s an ease of being despite the unsettling themes, a flow that implies a higher level of commitment to Deperson’s vocal backbone. It pays off, with exchanges such as “smoke myself into a hearse” and “in the fossil fuels of my imagination” being highlights.

And while the lyrics are impressive, often eliciting audible breathes of appreciation from myself, the music is on par. The riffs are dark, baselines are heavy and the percussion could grind bones. Switching gears between blues and stoner rock, Deperson is a desperado’s ballad, a theme song for fugitives on the run. Motley, electric, scarred by shadows and deceptively intelligent, the latest release from SACHA is a winner.


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