Tommy Jag Oscar Waves

Stream: Oscar Waves & Tommy Jag – Easy

by / August 28, 2020

With a growing underground audience and fans in Travi The Native and Benjamin Hamilton, it’s easy to get excited by producer Oscar Waves. A specialist in giving tracks a jazz guitar, lo-fi injection of new life, he’s carved a name for himself as a talented remixer and producer. Now, he’s teamed up with musician Tommy Jag on the addictively chilled ‘Easy‘.

A perfect meld of jazz, electronica and chill wave, Waves and Jag play the part of the classic combo on this track – think peanut butter and jelly, is it was made out of violet sunsets and velvet mountains. With a healthy dose of psychedelia and stoned guitar riffs, ‘Easy’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Worldbuilders in their own right, the partnership of Oscar Waves and Tommy Jag on Easy (and its sister track ‘Hard‘ – also a winner), is essential listening right now.

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