Stream: Aeons – Welcome to the Land

by / September 15, 2019

Music, much like the stock market, has cycles. There will be boom periods in which local, independent artists will have a grip on the local hostelries. Personally, I am having a whale of a time carousing in the funk rock wave currently cresting the North. With stalwarts such as Valium garnering their own buzz, the debut track from Bangor five- piece Aeons has been on repeat ever since I was able to grab on to it.

The quintet’s first effort ‘Welcome to the Land’, a four minute rhythmic romp, sees a group positively dripping in potential. Proceedings open with a spaced out riff that gives way to a jazz rock inspired fill that would have the coldest of hearts vibing in time. Then comes the real treat – vocalist Erin Cooke is a supreme talent, whose delivery is reminiscent of the effortless flow and glide of Californication era Red Hot Chilli Peppers. A breath of fresh air, ‘Welcome to the Land’ has an inherit coolness that belies its sophistication. And like all great complex numbers, it sounds deceptively simple – the careful Jenga blocks of thick bass lines, refreshing keys, lavender croon and airy riffs are a potent combination.

Indeed, both the instrumental and lyrical compositions of the track are lacking in any obvious holes. As Cooke spits her way through a series of free style verses that seem to positively revel in their own absurdity – the second verse begins with the line “Welcome to the land, the land with the beasts, all the creepy crawlies, the eight legged freaks” before a series of wavy vocalisations slink forth – a delicate carpet of keys and jazzy drum fills paves the ground in front of her, keeping her sure footed and directed. A rare tune that has a unique sense of self and a critical awareness of its strengths, Aeons put their best foot forward with their debut.

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