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Stream: Aislinn Logan – Spree

by / April 12, 2018

London based, Belfast native Aislinn Logan is no stranger to us. Her folktronica songs have found their way to us before. But now in 2018, it feels like there’s a different wind blowing. New single ‘Spree’ is the first tangible result.

Often found with just an acoustic guitar to back her always strong vocals, on ‘Spree’ the acoustic guitar is nowhere to be found. In its place there’s a layered blend of electronica (without the folk prefix), both smooth and percussive. It’s music that must have been highly polished in the studio but flows effortlessly across three and bit minutes. Lyrically, Logan is exploring relationships and opening up as she wonders “where is it that you go, when you let go?”.

“No matter how close you get to someone, you will never know absolutely everything there is to know about them,” says the singer. “You’ll never know what’s happening in their head, what they’re actually thinking. Maybe there is a nihilism to that – but it’s also important, there’s a secret there, a self-sufficiency you’ll always hold onto. A thing no-one will ever really know.”

‘Spree’ is simply Aislinn Logan’s best work to date. Delving deeper than ever into the electronic elements she has embraced before, ‘Spree’ sounds like an artist hitting her stride with a track that is rich both musically and lyrically.

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