Stream: Beauty Sleep – Until We See The Sun

by / October 1, 2017

Few Belfast bands are as current or as trendy as Beauty Sleep, producing music made of 80s synth pop dreams. Expect sugar-sweet, synth-layered retro-disco sounds. The trio have toured Germany, played numerous music festivals this summer and now release single number four, “Until We See the Sun”, just ahead of their EP release later this year. It is produced and polished by band member Ryan McGroarty who is emerging as a savvy young producer; also working with the likes of Catalan.

Happiness seems elusive in this track; just out of reach. Damp beats and reverb permeate and the enchanting vocals are slightly haunting in this indie love song. Cheylene Murphy’s vocals rise and swoon around McGroarty’s guitar, reminding me of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac. Aimee Williamson’s bass is an invitation to the dance floor with her discrete thumps and slaps. Current acts like Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco are working in a similar, woozy style.

Previously, Wonder Villains were child-like and giddy, about primary colours and excitement. The previous Beauty Sleep tracks have established a new tone and allowed those teenage kicks to subside. The Beauty Sleep emotions are experienced through a sonic haze – less obvious, more nuanced. They are approachable and down to earth performers reflecting the house party affair that started the band.

Beauty Sleep’s new EP ‘Nature Will Eat Me’ is highly anticipated and the circling photos by Megan Doherty are a massive tease. They are Belfast’s dreamers.

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