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Stream: Buffalo Bay – Brand New Start

by / April 17, 2020

There’s something truly weird going on – with so many great bands, somehow tapping perfectly into the minds of the musical gods, by composing little pieces of magic to help accompany our collective demise, as this virus rages on.

Buffalo Bay’s ‘Brand New Start‘ is a powerful synth-rock anthem; but it’s also a big melancholy retrospective that dares to question everything that has come before. ‘Brand New Start’ is exciting precisely because it sounds like a brand new start – a new beginning that reflects on the here and now, with main man Stuart Miskelly’s distinctive croon reminiscing, “Nothing ever lasts forever, time is chasing me”. The vocal delivery throughout the song, showcases Miskelly at his best, striking hard through the heart with a soulful, devoted and charismatic performance. His passion is expertly brought to the fore in the soaring chorus, with the title brilliantly rounding off one of the catchiest refrains of music in recent memory; sung over a euphoric combination of synths and infectious drums. The whole band manage to defy the myriad of potential pitfalls, I.e. serving up a slice of cheese, by virtue of their commitment to a brave, emotionally resonant song peppered with sheer enthusiasm.

Of particular note is illusive lead guitar player, David Ferris, who expertly slips and slides his exquisite tone throughout, before ripping into a refined, mature guitar solo in the 3rd act.

For their return, the boys have wisely made the decision to explore subtler, more delicate ground, building the song with a triumphant oomph and illuminating their ability to write contemporary rock gems. Whilst the central theme of ‘Brand New Start’ is timeless, it’s timing could not have been any better. A restless, hungry and propulsive hit – Buffalo Bay are surely destined for greatness.

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