Stream: Dugout – Chugout

by / January 30, 2019

Five months after releasing their debut single in July of last year, Belfast four-piece Dugout dropped their second single back in December, the comically named ‘Chugoutʼ. What with the track title obviously giving links back the to the bandʼs name, this would undoubtedly have been a title more apt for a debut, rather than a follow up single.

As for the track itself, the bandʼs simplistic approach to structure, instrument choice, and riff writing was a strong decision. This straight forward attitude really allowed the songwriting to shine through, gifting us with a genuinely enjoyable piece. With the simplistic structure and standout lyrics, Dugout has created a catchy and memorable piece of music. The track boasts some interesting harmonies, whilst not being overly technical, all while the chugging guitar gives a satisfying nod to the singleʼs title ‘Chugoutʼ. Overall an enjoyable track to listen to, but the song itself does not bring anything new to the table. Playing on simplicity, the track ticks the boxes and can’t really go wrong.

With ‘Chugout’ being one of Dugoutʼs only two releases, and both having very similar artwork, it would be assumed that weʼll be receiving some similar sounding related releases in the future. As the boys arenʼt overly vocal on their socials, weʼll have to wait and see what comes next for the band.

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