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Stream: Joshua Burnside – Northern Winds

by / May 6, 2019

Northern Irish songwriter Joshua Burnside has released a live version of his track ‘Northern Winds’ at Elmwood Hall, which is part of an upcoming live album which features cuts from his discography, including award winning album EPHRATA, as well as EPs, ‘Holllogram’ and ‘All Round The Light Said’ through Quiet Arch Records. 

As soon as the track begins, with gentle guitar plucks, it feels much more dynamic and grand than the more introverted recorded version. It is laced with the now familiar hallmarks of Burnside, with the mix of words simply being spoken and melodic vocal runs. 

As the guitar, drums and strings begin to swell together, the recording picks up little cheers from the audience, as they anticipate the song to reach its natural crescendo.  Approaching its crescendo, Burnside’s vocals become more impassioned and longing as the accompanying instruments co-exist triumphantly with a horn section as an apt exclamation point. As the song comes full circle, returning to its tender beginnings so does the artist with a simple ‘cheers’.

Live at the Elmwood Hall is set for release on 24th May 2019 on Quiet Arch.

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