Pascalwillnotsurvivethis - Photo by Aaron Cunningham

Stream: Pascalwillnotsurvivethis – Gravestone at Surf Point

by / May 11, 2020

The date was 1/3/19. Down in the Zool HQ we were getting ready for the debut of Danny McClelland’s latest musical endeavour, Pascalwillnotsurvivethis. There was something in the air that night. It could have been the Regal smoke or the dodgy toilet smell. It could have been that I hadn’t eaten all night and was feeling the effects of skipping dinner to get down on time  but I knew that something special was in the making. 

Fast forward now to April 2020, amidst everything that is going on with Covid-19, social distancing and the music scene putting everything on hold it is very heartening to see artists still persevering with their passion and releasing new music. Enter the latest single from Pascalwillnotsurvivethis, “Gravestone At Surf Point”. A lo fi release to keep us sane through these uncertain times. 

Speaking to Danny about the latest single from his infectious group, he noted that “the lyrics in the verses of the track were actually the beginnings of what I originally intended to be the first Pascal song way back in winter 2015 before I decided to go with ‘The Good, The Bad’ which was on our last EP ‘Castaway’”. Since that first gig and following the group for the past year, they have gone from strength to strength with a steady stream of releases and shows thrown in for good measure. Describing the latest release as a “marker for this crazy point in time”, they have definitely marked the occasion.

The latest release wasn’t a one man job however. With the assistance of Ashley Hamilton on drums and Sophie Duff Mckenzie providing back vocals, it is incredible to see the turnaround of a tune of this quality. Written and recorded in 24 hours, the creative group really pushed the boat out. When it comes to the inspiration for the latest release, Danny noted that the main inspiration for this track was “to write a song focused on anxiety and letting go of who you were or are to become a better”. A very profound idea that many people I am sure have encountered at some point in their life. 

In terms of future plans, it is safe to say that Pascal will come out of lockdown swinging with a host of new releases and shows on the way. So close the curtains, wash your hands and enjoy the latest release from Pascal and co, we’ll see them on the other side of this lockdown for sure.  

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