Stream: Sister Ghost – Bruised Fruit

by / March 29, 2020

Sister Ghost are back in action with the brooding and grunge infused new single, ‘Bruised Fruit‘. Don’t worry though, this fruit is packed full of the sweet stuff.

Hard hitting from the off, this a straight up, noisy rocker; reeking of confidence, vision and drive. Defiant as always, Shannon Delores is a tsunami of creative chops, continually proving herself by empowering and riding a wave of independent punk flair that she 100% owns.

Catchy throughout, Bruised Fruit has the energy of a pop song (albeit stocked full of Shannon’s oddball idiosyncratic talent for ear-worming melodies and blister inducing vocals). When the groove switches up and ditches the comparatively upbeat vibe of the first half of the song, we are treated to the guitars leaning hard on an aggressively succinct breakdown; propelling the song forward with a tightening heaviness not unlike something from Silverchair’s first record, Frogstomp. For added juice, there’s even a dissonant guitar solo layered into the mix, twisting below the pummelling power chords. One last chorus and feedback fades out. Shannon cries, “Only I”… it’s gut wrenching. What a tune.

Northern Ireland has a long history of punk. This is one to cement Shannon within that. Belfast punk is in good hands.

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