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by / March 21, 2019

‘First single, the opening track, The Dark is back bitches’ was dream-pop trio Beauty Sleep’s way of introducing the first track from their upcoming debut album. The recently re-recorded, ‘The Dark’ was announced alongside a debut album which will be released via Quiet Arch. Out on 17th May, we have quite the wait to go before Be Kind graces our ears. Let’s just hope the trio tease us with some more singles in the mean time.

What with the track being so well-received at the time of its original release in 2016, as well as the band coming so far since, it just feels right to have the track come full-circle to usher in their debut album. There was little question as to the reception of its re release last month. And our verdict? We. Love. It.

Uber soft and celestial, while still packing that punch, Beauty Sleep have perfectly captured that dream-pop sound that they do oh so well. Familiarly nostalgic, and displaying an obvious 80’s synth-fluence, ‘The Dark’ will truly pull you in, and you’ll be finding yourself getting lost in the dreamy melodies.

The track expertly partners Ryan McGroaty’s beautifully soft vocals in lead, Cheylene Murphy’s more powerful voice and their interweaving lyrics. The two have obvious chemistry, and know how to play off of each other to construct a beautifully balanced duet, all the while third member Aimee Williamson holds her own on bass. While the majority of the track utilises that classic Beauty Sleep sound, the infectiously powerful chorus treats us to a perfect little punch. The sweet and petite bridge offers us a beautifully stripped back experience where we receive Murphy’s incredible vocals in their full glory. Powerful and full of intention, it provides such a great shake-up in the dynamic.

Self described by the band as ‘full of fantasies and dreams’, the music video for ‘The Dark’ is indeed just that. Set in the most ridiculously fantastic retro fantasy, complete with some hilarious scenes including an utterly iconic dance sequence, this video gives us some much needed comic relief. You may initially question the odd video and its place with such a soft and dreamy style of music, but as the band explain, ‘it’s all about fantasies, dreams and being as weird as you want to be’, a mentality that we all should stick with.

Be Kind, Beauty Sleep’s debut album is available for preorder now from Quiet Arch.

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