Watch: Dean Ward – Comfortable

by / January 27, 2019

After his debut single in September 2017 and debut EP in April 2018, Dean Ward seemingly fell off the radar, with radio silence on his socials. However, coming back with a vengeance in November 2018, he shared on Facebook that ‘a lot has happened over the past half year’, and that he was keen to jump back into his music after a break away from his work. Cue December 10th, and he dropped his newest single, ‘Comfortable’, which proves to be a redeeming return.

‘Comfortable’ boasts some classic singer-songwriter features with the track almost begging to be used in a coming of age Juno-esque film soundtrack. Starting off with a basic mix of a guitar and vocals, the song features some simple moments that are expected of someone presenting themselves as a singer-songwriter. However, the strong vocals and production within the track elevates what could have been a lacklustre experience. The introduction of new instruments and backing vocals to flesh out a distinct contrast between sections helps the chorus stand out as the star of the track. Both punchy and infectious, mostly due to Ward’s impassioned vocals, the chorus really is a standout section compared to the minimalist guitar and vocal combination throughout the rest of the track.

The track is a solid but expected piece of work from the songwriter. However, with Ward being a drummer for both The Mannerly Hoods and The Late Twos, it would be interesting to see him bring those talents more into his personal endeavours. Nonetheless, ‘Comfortable’ makes for a gratifying listen, and paves the way for Ward to continue on.

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