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Watch: Gnarkats – War Cry

by / October 11, 2018

Belfast rabble-rousing trio Gnarkats return to the “New Releases” page with their latest single ‘War Cry’. Known for their blending of alt, indie and heavy rock, the three-piece surprise with a song that contains all of the aforementioned but with a much sharper, focused aesthetic. The familiar grunge is still there in the opening seconds, but Gnarkats have moved it ever so slightly into the background in favour of a new, fuller approach that sees them put out their best song yet.

The reckless abandon has been swapped for a much more concise composition. This has served to create a beneficial effect by letting the vocals drive the song while the instruments follow. The same chainsaw riffs and machine gun drums remain but now with a touch more maturity. Gnarkats have reined in their power and are better off for it, sounding larger than ever before, as War Cry is a resounding, echoey rock tune that befits its title. After all, this is not the battle, merely the starter pistol, a fact amplified by the persistent tinny siren of the opening lead guitar riff.

War Cry is indicative of a fuller, more sophisticated sound that Gnarkats have grown into. Where there was once energy wasted in irreverent movements and speed, there is now a greater understanding and control of their powers, as well as an inclination to use them for the benefit of good. Confident and fresh, Gnarkats have themselves a winner.

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