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by / October 2, 2017

Donegal born and bred, and now residing in Belfast, Joel Harkin has come out with his first new music in a long while. While he’s been busy behind the scenes and gigging away, his new live video for ‘Charlie & Deirdre’ is a welcome release.

If you’ve witnessed Harkin perform, you’ll have experienced the deep wells of melancholy within his often dark music. On ‘Charlie & Deirdre’, he sings about his father’s departure for Spain and his girlfriend Deirdre’s move to Dublin. Across the track’s near eight minute length, Harkin explores love, relationships and absence, moving from the quietness of Harkin’s fragile vocals and guitar to heavy hitting peaks and emotive harmonies.

Joined by a cast of musicians, the track was recorded live at Belfast’s Half Bap Studios and filmed by Established Digital.

Charlie & Deirdre – Joel Harkin

HERE IT IS!!!A song about my da moving to Spain and my girl moving to Dublin!I'm so happy to finally share this song with you all! It means so very much to me!Massive thank yous to:The bais! Colin Orr on bass, Niall Laverty on guitar and backing vocals, Scott Crowther on keys and backing vocals, Raif Meyer on synth and Aaron Crowther on drums. I could not have asked for a better group of people to play music with!Jorge Sloan from Half Bap Studios, what a dead on fella! Absolutely incredible job engineering and mixing this recording! Canny thank you enough Jorge you great fella!Aimee and Tim from Establishing Digital who shot and edited the video with pretty much no time to do it! Great folk altogether!Yous folk out there for taking the time to have a listen. Thank you all so much! You're class!Keep an eye out, so much more to come, this is just the start!

Posted by Joel Harkin on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Photo by Matthew Alexander Patton. All Right Reserved / © 2017 Matthew Alexander Patton

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