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by / November 9, 2019

We’ve hardly been quiet about how excited we are as a publication about the fledgeling hip-hop landscape developing in Northern Ireland. As such, it only makes sense that we examine the latest release from the scene objectively biggest face.

Multi-faceted and talented artist Jordan Adetunji has had quite the 2019. From his breakout performance on Stendhal 2019’s main stage to two nominations and another stellar performance at this year’s NI Music Prize, he’s went from a cult favourite act to a household name amongst the NI Music community. His most recent release, ‘Questions’, sees the rapper take from his long list of influences and delicately put his own spin on them.

With aspects of afrobeat, funk, rap and jazz playing major roles in this song, it’s another strong release for the NI artist. With a confident swagger in his flow and expert wordplay on display, Adetnuji addresses fans, detractors and the world write large with an almost visible cocksure grin – this is his song, his world and you WILL listen when you’re spoken to. With a bright bounce that demands movement and a sharp delivery that cuts each line into a hysteria-inducing vocal jab to the temple.

The only detracting point is more a stylistic one – the overuse of autotune is somewhat grating, especially when Adetunji clearly does not need it. A talented singer, the best parts of the track comes when he lets his natural ability shine through and has fun with his art. Criminally underrate dead under appreciated, Adetunji encapsulates the wide spectrum and infectious energy of his live performance on ‘Questions.’

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