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Watch: Owen Denvir – This Could Be Love

by / May 21, 2020

Owen Denvir‘s name has been around for a few years, progressing from quiet singer-songwriter to an artist embracing new concepts without laying waste to a love of pop and melody. His latest single ‘This Could Be Love‘ is a distinct marker of where he stands right now.

The lead single from his new EP Stones, the second in a trilogy based on Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego. Last year’s Sticks EP dealt with loss, delusion and impulse while Stones is described as a confident and brash take on love. Certainly that confidence stretches to Denvir’s songwriting as the vocal-led ‘This Could Be Love’ ranks amongst his best singles to date.

The track sounds smoother than butter, with a gorgeous texture of heavily manipulated backing vocals, a complimentary beat that never overpowers and piano that builds alongside Owen Denvir’s own vocals, all recorded in his home studio. Never shy of a melody, Denvir shows off his impressive vocals in a track that allows them to shine to their fullest as he weighs up dreams, thoughts and proclamations of love.

Last year’s Sticks EP was well received but Stones, out 29th May, sounds like it’ll be a very different affair. ‘This Could Be Love’ is a wonderful preview.

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