Watch: SOAK – Knock Me Off My Feet

by / February 4, 2019

“I wrote this record about the trials and tribulations of being a ‘life trainee'”, proclaims SOAK when talking about her first album of 4 years; ‘Grim Town’.

It’s perhaps though that lens we should view the Derry native’s newest single ‘Knock Me Off My Feet‘, which explores that intuitive instinct of youth to hate your hometown just as much as you love it. There’s certainly a palpable sense of uncertainty and ambiguity expressed in SOAK’s incredible vocal performance which really cements this track as an inevitable standout song from the full album.

In contrast to the lyrical tone, the music itself is optimistic and melodic. Reminiscent of The Cure with hints of Chvrches (SOAK has, of course, released an EP under Chvrches’ imprint label Goodbye Records). It’s a slight change in direction for SOAK compared to her more acoustic-orientated debut but it’s a change that feels like the completely natural result of the 4 year gap between now and her last release.

The Jak Payne-directed music video features SOAK behind the wheel of a stock racing car interjected with footage of the singer-songwriter staring at the empty track. Perhaps a line can be drawn between the adrenaline and inherent danger of driving a high-speed car with the rapid passing of time and feelings of instability that comes with growing up…. or maybe SOAK just really likes NASCAR.

A breathless, bittersweet atmosphere is invoked when you mix together the pop sensibilities, poignant vocal performance, and killer songwriting that I would consider hallmarks of ‘Knock Me Off My Feet’. SOAK’s single gives us a lot of reasons to look forward to her upcoming album.

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