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Introducing: #99 – John Andrews

by / November 2, 2018

Name: John Andrews
Formed: 2018
Hometown: Belfast
Genre: Singer Songwriter

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Tell us about your band name

My artist name is my own name, John Andrews. Most of my songs are about first hand experiences and therefore the material is personal. I kept my name.

When did you start playing music and how would you describe your sound?

I played clarinet in primary school age eight, I think. I first picked up the guitar at high school around age 15. My sound is varied, it incorporates soul, blues, jazz, spoken word, rock, pop hip-hop punk, folk and others. I try to create a different feel with each track.

What releases have you put out so far?

Steal Back The Sun (July 2014) 4-track EP
Johnny Was (Aug 2018) 5-track EP

Is there a particular live show that stands out amongst all the rest?

Yes, a recent invite only secret show ran by Zool Records in Belfast city centre a few weeks ago, was a great gig.

Can you talk about a Highlight and a low point of the journey so far?

I just recently was interviewed by NVTV about my new EP and I also played two brand new songs on the show.

My lowest point came in the middle of a prison sentence in 2015 whilst penning the song, ‘Don’t Let Me Fade Away’. This is track two on the New EP Johnny Was. The track changes musically half way through from minor to major chords and is the first ‘country’ song I’ve written, if you could call it that.

If you weren’t a musician(s) how would you spend your spare time?

It wouldn’t be anything other than music so hard to imagine. It’s definitely the ultimate passion. I’m a fanatic.

If you were to go on a world tour and you could pick any 3 acts come along, who would they be?

International: Eminem, Anderson Paak, The Pixies

Local: Mosmo Strange, The Peculiar and Civil Simian

What would be the 3 strangest things on your rider if you were able to make any demand?

Stuffed olives and soft cheese, Tyskie beer, German salami.

Is there a particular aim or goal which you hope to achieve through music?

Yes, I want to play live my whole life, I want to make people feel the music, feel emotion, the same way artists like U2 , 2Pac, Eminem, The Clash, Leonard Cohen, Queen and Nina Simone have done for me. I want to tell stories, create characters, experiment with music and film.

Who has been your biggest inspiration as musicians?

To be honest it’s again varied. I’ve always been more into singers, writers, frontmen, and the expression of words. People like, U2, 2Pac, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, Otis Reading, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash.

Are there any other Northern Irish musicians we should check out?

Mosmo Strange, Civil Simian, Declan Corr, Hit The B button, Sit Tight.

What is next for you?

I have some collaborations coming up with some guys from other great local bands and I plan to record another record shortly as I have a lot of material and I’m buzzing to record again already.


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