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by / January 10, 2014


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More Than Conquerors
‘Everything I’ve Learnt’

Jamie Neish, Danny Ball, Kris Platt & Danny Morton
Hometown  Belfast
Released  September
Label  Smalltown America



 Believe you me. I’m still not happy with, the man I see.


In a year of stellar LPs there was one record which instantly grabbed us by the scruff of the neck and did not let go. That record was the debut offering from Belfast’s More Than Conquerors.

After countless months of rammed gigs and stand out festival performances, in September of this year we were finally gifted ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’. 11 tracks of verdant exuberance. From the opening thunderous blast of pounding drum beats and jackknife guitars, you knew that you were in for a bumper thrill ride.

Fret work tinged with gothic grunge drives the mighty ‘Try-Antlers’, soaring to melodic heights under the wings of Kris Plats voice. There are pile-driving breakdowns galore as well , with ‘Smoke, Trees, Lungs, Knees’, ‘Pits Of Old’ and ‘Jaw’ all apt room rumblers.

Mellower diversions are peppered amongst the scuzzy noise. ‘Bring Me To The Bloodbank’ is a murky acoustic ballad, ‘Hearth And Home’ a pocket of tenderness wrapped up in tangy swelling chords.

The album deals with some hefty themes amongst the sickly sweet harmonies and relentless riffs. Mortality, Faith, and Self-Worth are all given a go through the ringer, with melancholy dripping from every pore.

There is a strong connection with Caledonians Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic in the record’s sound. It’s raw, it’s edgy, but with whopping big choruses to keep you hooked. This is music for gritting your teeth and jumping into a burly mosh pit. An adrenaline rush of confrontational angst-rock which stirs a fire in your belly.

Luckily for us, this is only be the beginning for More Than Conquerors.

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A dropped down bass line gets this powerhouse chugging along until the choppy guitars enter stage right to fuse into a rambling dynamo of power-rock. A sure fire hit live and a mid-album stand out!

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