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Surf Green – 6th July 2018

by / July 9, 2018

Surf Green EP launch with support from Sit Tight, Hit The B Button, Romeo Indigo Romeo
Friday 6th July 2018 – McHugh’s, Belfast

Surf Green headline McHughs at their EP Launch with a roaring healthy crowd and plenty of antics to engage the audience.

Romeo Indigo Romeo open with Foo Fighters energy with keen fans awaiting their set. The crowd goes mad at their rock vibes, as they describe themselves as ‘huge yet nuanced’. The vocalist answers to Metallica, over a rock solid rhythm with the guitarist weaving in blues with the guitar solos with the most musically polished riffs a local band has produced in recent years.

Romeo Indigo Romeo – Photo by Betsy Bailie

Hit the B Button are next and showcase their sophisticated musicianship by blowing away the audience with their psychedelic music and narrating video game visuals. They weave rock with ambient electronics and pop sensibilities, answering to the likes of Tera Melos and Hella. Their Smashing Pumpkins cover is also a winner. Watching them is an experience with their visuals making it seem like you’re in a simulation and dreamy rock songs that glide seamlessly into each other.

Hit The B Button – Photo by Betsy Bailie

Sit Tight bring energy and attitude to their set next. They have catchy songs that take the classic rock forms of the likes of The Eagles and Grand Funk Railroad. They exude uniqueness however with their hint of groove and sometimes jazzy tinges in the musical material. The three bands and their rock energy set up the night for Surf Green, their first gig in months and a highly hyped one.

Sit Tight – Photo by Betsy Bailie

Finally, Surf Green take the stage. With the punk 3 piece we can expect lots of screaming and jumping about expected. They are known for their energetic performances and use of balloons, confetti canons, and inflatable aliens so the audience has high expectations. Their set contains moshing and mics falling over in the chaos. They play songs from their new EP along with some older material that allow the audience some singalong moments.

During ‘Depresso Expresso’ they encourage the audience to sink down for the bridge, rising up again, and they welcome beach balls for the audience to toss about in the chaos and moshing. They do their classic Weezer cover, a band that are an obvious influence for them. The drummer erupts into a drum solo towards the end of their set while their classic balloon and inflatable alien decoration are brought on by the rest of the band. These inflatable aliens have become a trademark for the band with their music video ‘Craving More’ and most live sets containing them – guitarist Martin jokes about spending £100 on props for this gig. Bassist Iwan frequently swims into the crowd, accepting the praise and the cheers. They also welcome guest vocals from friends – lead singer Sam Morgan from Saint Sapphire, and old drummer Dominic. You can tell everyone there is seen as a friend by them, their goal being just to play good music. However, they are also an ambitious band and their enthusiastic energy is infectious. Their constant audience interaction and screaming their angsty songs are what brands them as unique with this type of histrionic havoc now to be fully expected at a Surf Green gig.

Surf Green – Photo by Betsy Bailie

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