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Andrew Patterson – Out Of Babylon

by / March 7, 2019

Andrew Patterson‘s latest EP, Out of Babylon, opens with ‘Broadway Lights’, a track that oozes acoustic bliss. Every delicate chord change being felt beneath Patterson’s soft vocal. There is also some superb harmonies that creep in adding to the gentle nature of this track.

There is a raw authenticity to this EP, the native Belfast accent of Patterson’s roots carrying through that adds to the appeal of this acoustic fuelled offering. ‘Alright This Time Mister’ also follows in this fashion, lively and energetic acoustics coupled with soft piano chords and his now distinctive vocal.

Although the musical arrangement of ‘Suitcase Heart’ was initially appealing, the feeling diminished on further listens. Similarly, there is great potential on ‘A Wee Bit of Something’, but it fails to deliver when you expect it to. Nonetheless I’m sure there are listeners who would enjoy this aspect but unfortunately it just wasn’t for me.

The standout of the EP is definitely ‘Miracle’, dipping into some foot-tapping country style territory. The song is extremely catchy with a beautiful chorus that it wouldn’t be amiss as a first dance choice at a wedding reception;

‘I don’t know where the wind will take me, I don’t know why the oceans roar,

There’s a million different things my heart’s still looking to explore,

And I don’t understand at all, but there’s one thing I know for sure,

She’s a miracle, in human form’

It’s this kind of track that leaves listeners itching to see what Andy Patterson would be like in a live setting. It would bring a room to attention and he would have everyone right in your hand waiting for more. Couple this with the soft acoustic nature of his repertoire and you have yourself onto a winner.

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