CBAKL cbkal - photography Josh Henry

CBAKL – Where Do We Go

by / August 26, 2020

Despite their omnipresence on the record, it’s not often the producer gets to step out of the background and make their mark on the release world. Thankfully no such qualms ail beatmaker and song crafter CBAKL on his newest release ‘Where Do We Go‘. As much a composer as he is an architect, his newest collaborative heavy release is a joyful exploration in lo-fi and jazz hop.

A skilled arranger with an ear for blending jazz, funk and hip hop into his beats, CBAKL demonstrates a knack for getting the most out of his featuring artists. With Max Zanga of Tebi Rex, Gavin DaVinci and Hazey Haze all bringing strong vocal performances and wordplay to the EP, with the sombre ‘Find You‘ and spacey ‘Don’t Approach Me‘ presenting high points on the release.

One of the more accomplished and under appreciated beat makers in the country, CBAKL enjoys the colour and life provided by his collaborators, and creates some of his most diverse and vivid tracks yet.

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