Gareth Dunlop in Cuba Room, Franklin TN - photo credit Anthony Scarlati

Gareth Dunlop – Many Moons Ago

by / July 31, 2018

gareth dunlop - many moons ago

To say Northern Ireland has produced a multitude of magnificent artists would be an understatement. One artist who has made a huge impact is the immensely talented Gareth Dunlop.

Having released his debut album ‘No.79’, the Belfast born singer songwriter is back with the brand new EP ‘Many Moons Ago’.  The EP consists of five songs that showcase the unlimited talent that Dunlop possesses and highlights why Gareth Dunlop is one of the greatest talents to come out of Northern Ireland in a long time.

The EP opens up with the funky sounding ‘Devil Like You’. Dunlop’s rugged vocals coupled with playful percussion demonstrates the fun side to his songs which we don’t see too often. ‘Can’t Stand Myself’ is next on the list and contrasts with the previous track. The feel and rhythm of this song is more what fans of the singer are used too. A song that builds up intensity draws the listener in and really shows the range of Gareth’s voice.

‘Blind to the Pain’ is next followed by ‘Way Back When’. Both songs are absolutely beautiful with soulful melodies and vocals and more importantly tell a story that the listener can really invest in. The EP comes to an end with the stunning ‘Dwell in My Soul’.  This track is the highlight of the entire EP. The song is a beautiful ballad with the message ‘wherever I go, you dwell in my soul’. The emotionally charged lyrics and intensity of which Dunlop delivers the song is phenomenal. This track is Gareth Dunlop at his very best.

The EP is nothing short of perfection. Five tracks of real raw and honest music.  If you have yet to listen to it, take an hour out of your day to do so. You won’t regret it.

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