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Many A Son – The White

by / April 8, 2019

Following on from their debut EP ‘The Blue’ in 2018, Many A Son‘s latest EP offering of ‘The White‘ has recently been released, further showcasing the distinctive talents of this acoustic duo.

The EP itself was recently launched at Arcadia in Portrush, with a packed room and sell-out of hard-copy EPs being testament to all the hard work Ross and Jordan have put into this project. Both balancing day jobs while also working on their ventures in music gives just a glimpse into the hard-working minds behind their stories of landscapes and all that is around us.

‘The White’ is predominately encapsulated within a bubble of intricate guitars and smooth melodies, which makes for very easy listening of this folk-fuelled journey. Ross and Jordan have really honed in on crafting the mix of soft acoustics with gentle vocals so well, while also mapping out a journey for listeners as they discover these tracks filled with a sense of awe and adventure. Each track is also complemented with tasteful instrumentals which adds to the softness of this EP, especially when these are swiftly followed with apt harmonies in progression.

Many A Son have a sound that would sit so perfectly in a high ceiling old room, maybe even an idyllic church setting, with candles everywhere and complete silence through their set. You drink their music in until you’re seeping in this pool of of calm getting lost in a world that you create, and it is a great place to be.

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