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May Rosa – Waxwork Sweetheart

by / March 31, 2019

Having burst onto the scene in 2017 with the alluring debut single ‘Dancing In The Debris’, Belfast singer-songwriter May Rosa is back to confidently make her mark as an alt-pop sensation with ‘Waxwork Sweethearts’.

Since we last heard from her, May Rosa has been carefully honing her sound, resulting in four tracks of electro-pop gold. Waxwork Sweetheart’ is everything electronic pop music should be – atmospheric, poetic and seductive.

Opening with lead single, ‘All The Ways’ and finishing up with title track ‘Waxwork Sweetheart’ is a sound that’s reminiscent of Kate Bush meets Bat For Lashes with May Rosa’s haunting vocals over cellos, reverb percussion and synthesisers.

A stunning debut that gives us a glimpse into the enchanting world of May Rosa, an artist with an undeniable talent who I can say with conviction, is only getting started.

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