Fireland Release ‘Fireland III – Believe Or Die’

by / November 20, 2016



On 18 November 2016, Northern Irish heavy metal band Fireland will release their brand new full-length studio album, entitled Fireland III – Believe Or Die

This new album marks a sea change in the band’s history, with the sound moving towards a more modern and powerful European sound. Riffs and melodies remain at the forefront, as you’ve come to expect from the band. The subject matter of the songs encompasses subjects such as personal loss, sacrifice, revenge, rebirth, a wide range of forces, both good and evil, and of course, love and hate, making the album as diverse lyrically as it is musically.

It features a sequel to the 2008 debut album’s fan favourite, Fallen. It sees our intrepid hero make the ultimate sacrifice to rescue his beloved wife from the dark forces that have taken her from him. This is one of the album’s more epic (in all senses of the word) moments, clocking in at 9:30 in length, allowing the members to stretch their legs musically and artistically.

Work on the album started in 2010, but it was put on ice while sole original member Steve Moore was making waves with his other band, Irish metal favourites Stormzone. With the coup of acquiring the services of David Brown of Chaos Frame on vocals in mid-2016, recording began in earnest over an intensive four month period.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Steve Moore at FireMachine Studio, it was, and continues to be, entirely self-funded and self-produced. And proudly so.

The release date was chosen several months ago. It has since been announced that a prominent Bay Area thrash band are releasing a long-awaited album on the same day. No one can say for sure which album will be better, or which will sell more copies… but Fireland are quietly confident. 😉

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