Metal 2 the Masses Semi Finals

by / May 4, 2016

We’ve previously noted that this year’s Metal 2 the Masses contest has contained some, ahem, interesting moments (not looking at anyone in particular – nope, not at all, nuh uh). The semi finals, however, were nothing but pure class – the cream of this year’s crop, you might say. So without further ado, here’s a quick rundown on the three semi’s.

SEMI FINAL A, featuring Baleful Creed, Cursed Sun, Selene and Sinocence: AKA ‘the most varied one’. With blinding performances by every band, the result was a first for the Belfast competition: a dead heat, meaning congratulations were in equal order for both Sinocence and Cursed Sun. Well done to all involved!

SEMI FINAL B, featuring Acid Age, Molarbear, Drakonis and So Long Until the Seance (SLUTS): AKA ‘the most visually arresting one’. This time there was no mistaking the victors: with a performance that was both flawless and hilarious (check out their intro video on their Facebook page), the clear winners were those nasty SLUTS, followed by blackened death metallers Drakonis. Yay!

SEMI FINAL C, featuring Erosion, Scimitar, Shrouded and The Crawling: AKA ‘the one where all four bands would easily fit in to the Bloodstock lineup so who to choose argh!’. Four excellent performances (and a long hard think) later, it was thrash metallers Scimitar that emerged victorious, followed closely (as in .02%!) by The Crawling. We did not envy the judges on this one!

So there you have it folks. The six bands in the finals are as follows:


Cursed Sun

So Long Until the Seance/SLUTS



The Crawling

The final is this coming Friday (May 6th) in Voodoo. It’s guaranteed to be a closely fought battle, so come on down to check out some of Belfast’s final metal bands and cheer on your favourite(s)!

For further details take a look at the event’s Facebook page.

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