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Midtown Sounds coming to Ballymena

by / February 19, 2018

Belfast and to a lesser extent Derry tend to be the main focus when it comes to the music scene here in Northern Ireland. It is always therefore a delight to see other towns pushing their own local talent to the forefront. On Saturday 24 February 2018 Ballymena BID in association with Mid and East Antrim Borough Council will host Midtown Sounds, where a range of musicians will play a host of venues in the town centre. There also would be traditional singers and drummers who’d demonstrate spectators on How to play conga drum, among other percussion instruments.

We know that Brash Isaac, Runabay and Sara Crockett are three of the artists set to play Midtown Sounds but with over twenty venues to fill,  the organisers are promising that there are many more still be announced.

Ballymena BID manager, Alison Moore said, “We are very excited about the launch of Midtown Sounds in Ballymena. Alongside Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, we have secured performances from some of the best musicians locally and from across the province, and we’re delighted that they have agreed to showcase their talent.

We want people to enjoy their experience in the town centre and with the wide range of retailers and the beautiful eateries and bars already available, the addition of live entertainment will be an added bonus. Musicians will be placed in over 20 shops and eateries throughout the town centre from 12pm – 3pm on Saturday 24th February and we have ensured, where possible, that the music in each venue reflects the ambience of the store.

We have had great feedback from the traders in the town, as well as the visitors to the town following our previous events and we want to ensure people get more than they expect when they visit Ballymena. There is so much to offer, not just from our traders but also the standard of performers in the area; Midtown Sounds is the perfect platform for them to showcase their amazing talents.” 

It is important that we all support these events whether you are a just a fan of music or you’re actually a musician. If we can show the council that there is a real interest and support for local music, it will encourage them to spend and invest more on it in the future.

You can find out more about the artists playing the event by keeping you eyes peeled to the Braid and Ballymena Means websites.

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