Victim – In Your Grave

by / October 8, 2013

Belfast punks Victim were one of the first bands to play the legendary Harp Bar, supported Slaughter and the Dogs and gave The Smiths Mike Joyce. That must make them the most well connected 77 punk band from Northern Ireland. But they’re back with their first single since 1980. And it’s very different.

Reggaeesque riffage and vocals that are indebted to Genesis P-Orridge hint at sinister intentions, with some nice keyboard work adding a choral effect to the song. This makes it sound all the more sinister. If it was cut down to four minutes, it would be one of the best releases this year. But it is a different direction for them, and we must be grateful that there are vintage bands out there who are still interested in pushing forward. The album will be one to look forward to.

‘In Your Grave’ was released on 23rd September and will be featured on limited edition vinyl/CD EP soon.


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