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Stream: Bernadette Morris – Shores Of My Home

by / April 29, 2020

A C is beaten out and Bernadette Morris’ newest single overflows with arresting geographical imagery that transcends the standard emigrant’s lament simply by painting an intimate vision of the landscape through her own eyes, giving us insight into how her mind works in a sense; a touchstone of any accomplished singer-songwriter. Immediately there’s Joni Mitchell vibes but striking and contemporary. The crisp guitar and light-hearted impassioned male vocal input is celebratory to the maximum. Production-wise, the track is sparse yet brimming with life, every part has been given attention and the mixing is spot on.

The pride evident in this track is uplifting! It definitely takes place in our world, if you know what I mean. Chances are you’ve seen somewhere very similar to where Morris is yearning for; if not the place itself, so get ready to go back there in your mind’s eye. Whether you’re homesick or sick of home, Morris reminds us very poignantly in a recent post, “I always find being by the water helps to ‘settle my head’… very necessary in the current climate and that’s what this song is about.”

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