Problem Patterns - Photography by Ellen Blair

Interview: Problem Patterns

Problem Patterns, Belfast's pre-eminent DIY feminist queerpunk quartet are releasing their debut album Blouse Club on 27 October after five...

Sacred Noose - Photography by TWKOM Media

Interview: Sacred Noose

Unveiling themselves in June, Sacred Noose have certainly made people sit up and take notice of them. Made up of...

Arborist - Photography by Aaron Cunningham

Interview: Arborist

 “This next one’s something like six and a half minutes long. And it’s only got four chords. And yeah, it...

Diamond Rock Club Outdoors

A Diamond in the Rough

The Diamond Rock Club is a 200-capacity venue located above the Diamond Bar in Ahoghill, 3 miles outside Ballymena (and...

CHERYM | Y-Control Photography |

Interview: Cherym

Derry's Cherym have been something of a tour de force on the Northern Irish music scene. The trio offer up...

Invaderband - Live photo by Lisa Byrne

Interview: Invaderband

In time for the release of the second album from Derry's Invaderband, we had the pleasure of chatting to the...

Interview: New Pagans

Interview: New Pagans

Navigating waiting rooms and accidental muting, Lyndsey McDougall and I chat dystopia before we chat music. The weirdness of ‘e-meeting’;...

Sam Wickens - Photo by DanDanDann Productions

Interview – Sam Wickens

The pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone and it’s been particularly difficult for the live music industry. It’s easy to...

Interview: Dani Larkin

Interview: Dani Larkin

During this period of impending quiet, Dani Larkin has been strumming up momentum. Released last month, her new single, a...

Interview: Joshua Burnside

Interview: Joshua Burnside

Joshua Burnside's debut album Ephrata was released in 2017 to much deserving acclaim. The culmination of years of touring and...

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