Stream: Conchúr White – Bikini Crops

by / February 29, 2020

It’s been quite the debut for Conchúr White. Following a string of shows opening for indie-folk icons Villagers, White has quietly assembled one of the most enthralling young discographies in recent history. His latest, ‘Bikini Crops‘, sees a full-blown investment into his brand of retro fantasia.

Spacy, vintage croons and acoustics lead the way for this grainy, vintage track. His best track yet, White does the improbable and captures a sound that is somehow lost to time and incredibly contemporary, both instantly recognisable and from nowhere in particular. The final track from the jukebox in the last jazz bar on the moon. The soundtrack to a time that never was and never will be.

Spaced out, vinyl dipped vocals and psychedelic-inspired acoustic are the most obvious appeal, but it’s the stoned, jazz rhythms that really pull you in. Hypnotic to the point of magnetism, White finds the perfect balance between mass-appeal pop and cool, mysterious indie grooves, before the distortion heavy breakdown brings the walls down around him. Catch it while it’s hot.

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